The work brings togeth­er one hun­dred small objects col­lect­ed from a vari­ety of sources: ani­mal, min­er­al and veg­e­tal, nat­ur­al or human-made, raw or fash­ioned. Each object is or rep­re­sents an amulet — some­thing worn, held or kept that brings luck and pro­tec­tion, like a per­son­al arti­cle that car­ries the mem­o­ry of a past pos­ses­sion, a thing pre­serv­ing the imprint of a pre­vi­ous pur­pose, or pro­vid­ing the hol­low for a future wish; a fetish, a small pack­age of invis­i­ble con­tent; a frag­ment, a piece of a whole, a mate­r­i­al echo of a once-liv­ing body, and with it the ener­gy of anoth­er exis­tence passed for­ward, infin­i­ty implied in a sol­id. The objects range from shells, seeds, stones, crys­tals, bones, to trin­kets, carv­ings, fig­urines, pen­dants, boxes…etc. Some have uni­ver­sal sig­nif­i­cance, con­spic­u­ous appeal, even dis­cernible val­ue, while oth­ers are obscure, mys­te­ri­ous, acci­den­tal, eas­i­ly mis­tak­en for junk. The objects come from all over the world, some with unlike­ly criss­cross­ing tra­jec­to­ries, some fan­tas­tic-exot­ic, some every­day-com­mon­place, while some are offer­ings made by artists in our midst. All of the objects fit into the palm of a hand, all dif­fer­ent, and each with its unique charisma.