KONANTÜ is a flu­id col­lec­tive, con­ceived by Court­ney Smith in part­ner­ship with Iván Navar­ro, envi­sion­ing an expe­ri­en­tial artis­tic prac­tice in the form of guid­ed exchanges among a set of vol­un­teer par­tic­i­pants. As exper­i­ments in col­lec­tiviza­tion, the works take place with­in an enclosed field of action where par­tic­i­pants nav­i­gate the con­straints of a con­struct­ed appa­ra­tus, or sim­ply respond to a sys­tem of rela­tion­al cues, to com­mune with each oth­er cre­ative­ly in a con­duct­ed impro­vi­sa­tion. Using con­nec­tive ele­ments such as music, lan­guage, or the trans­fer of objects, Konan­tü works weave an intri­cate fab­ric of revolv­ing rec­i­proc­i­ties in an explo­ration of our com­mon humanity.