8 par­tic­i­pants are posi­tioned at the 8 points of an equi­lat­er­al octa­gon, alpha­bet­i­cal­ly ordered from A to H. In the cen­ter of the octa­gon is a drum­mer. Sur­round­ing the drum­mer are 4 stacks, one at each cor­ner of an invis­i­ble inner square. Each stack con­tains 7 pieces of cut fab­ric, fold­ed inward­ly so that the reverse side of the fab­ric is exposed.  Each piece of fab­ric is 1m50cm in length yet the widths vary accord­ing to the length of the bolt from which each cloth was cut. Each one of the 4 stacks serves 2 of the 8 par­tic­i­pants, who are always oper­at­ing in pairs.

The drum­ming begins, and the activ­i­ty is ini­ti­at­ed by 4 par­tic­i­pants — always in alter­nate order — (let­ters A, C, E, G) who simul­ta­ne­ous­ly approach the cen­ter of the octa­gon and take from their respec­tive stacks the first piece of fab­ric. The 4 return to the perime­ter of the octa­gon car­ry­ing the fab­ric where they are met by their cor­re­spond­ing part­ner posi­tioned to their imme­di­ate right (A‑B / C‑D / E‑F / G‑H). The pairs meet mid­way between their 2 orig­i­nal points and each of the adjoin­ing part­ners takes hold of the oppo­site end of the piece of fab­ric. Togeth­er each of the 4 pairs unfolds their piece of fab­ric, fac­ing each oth­er but step­ping back­wards away from each oth­er to open it up to its full length, expos­ing it to each oth­er and to the sur­round­ing public. 

Once the fab­ric has been exposed and viewed the pair folds it togeth­er, approach­ing each oth­er again in the cen­ter of their shared space, this time releas­ing the cloth into the hands of the alter­nate part­ner (B, D, F, H) as they return to their orig­i­nal posi­tions. Those hold­ing the cloth now (B, D, F, H) piv­ot to face their part­ner on the right (B‑C/ D‑E/ F‑G /H‑A) and repeat the same action of unfold­ing and then refold­ing the cloth. This time, how­ev­er, they fold the cloth so that the reverse side is fold­ed inward and the out­side is exposed. And this time the cloth is returned into the hands of the same part­ner who brought it (B, D, F, H) who return to their posi­tions and then deposit the cloth at an exte­ri­or sta­tion sit­u­at­ed at each of the cor­ners of a square encom­pass­ing the con­tours of the octa­gon. 4 new piles of fab­ric that have been unfold­ed and refold­ed are formed at each corner.

The action repeats itself 7 times. Each time a new piece of fab­ric is plucked from the inner stacks, viewed twice and released to the out­side cor­ner stacks. When all 28 pieces of fab­ric have been cycled through the sys­tem, the inner stacks deplet­ed and the out­er stacks con­tain­ing each 7 fold­ed pieces of fab­ric, the work is exhaust­ed and the drum­ming stops.

The stacks of fab­ric are pre­sent­ed to the pub­lic as an offer­ing. All pieces of fab­ric are free and avail­able to anyone.