As a long time couple and regular collaborators, Courtney Smith and Iván Navarro began a formal collective project in 2015, comprised of an ongoing series of participatory performed works. The works take place within an enclosed field of action defined by a system of mediating objects constructed on a one-to-one scale with the human body, as an apparatus for induced social interaction. Within the physical confines of the structure, and in accordance with a set of given measures, participants commune with each other freely, in the form of a directed improvisation. Each individual work is designed to focus on a particular type or aspect of social exchange, relying on a pattern of systematic rotation of situational combinations in order to achieve forced and/or unforced reciprocities.
Within the arena, the works are experienced as guided exercises in collectivization; seen from above, they are live, shifting diagrams as participants move in and out of assigned stations, meeting in pairs or groups in alternating patterns.
Through these participatory sculptural pieces Navarro and Smith challenge the traditional purpose of object-based art by proposing a consummation of the objects within the work that excludes commodification, employing the sculptural work solely as a vehicle for the collective experience it prescribes. In this sense, as well as in the prompted and coordinated collaboration of strangers performing abstract rituals of de-hierchization the works are intended as unspoken manifestations of resistance to neo-liberal values of individualism and gain. The works provide a material framework for improvised social exchange, defending a space for human solidarity and communion.